Workshop on Co-Creation and Air Quality in Urban Environments

During this week The Team focused part of his energy to the closing event of our project CAMoN “workshop on co-creation on air quality in urban environments” which was Made In Parallel between Cali Colombia and Cartagena Spain the Wednesday April 25th.

The making of of our workshop required the preparation of our team, social network Dynamics and the creation of focal groups, this was a great Ally because we created the CAMoN community During the length of this project. In this place were present the CAMoN community, the universities: Unv. Santiago de Cali and Unv Politécnica de Cartagena in Spain, the participation of government entities and the citizens.

We shared them the experience of being part of the open call of orgánicity of the UE in the program Horizon 2020 with our project CAMoN in the framework of OrganCity also we made the calibration of the air monitoring prototype, the implementation of DTN Network, the download of files to CouchDB, the demonstration of CAMoN application and a rounded table with the citizens to strengthen the co creation ideas generated in group. All of this with the CAMoN leading.

We designed an activity in which we invited to simulate the order of the sheets of a tree and with their post it they gave us a seed to our project. it Was Like this how the participants contributed with their ideas and solutions to diverse Environmental issues. The rounded table with the citizens allowed to generate a space of co-creation with the assistants.

Likewise with the people which we’ve shared the application, we made a contest between the users of the common community rewarding users who generates the highest number of reports. Mr. Diego Saavedra was between the assistance, he’s an active user of the platform.