Testing of the air quality measurement device prototype in Cali, Colombia

The CAMoN team in Colombia has been carrying out tests in the streets of Cali with the air quality measurement device prototype sent from Europe, developed by the CAMoN team in Spain.
The prototype is contained in a box, which allows the measurement of various polluting gases present in the environment such as: carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.
In the tests, main streets were crossed with the prototype such as 5th Street, the Avenida de los Cerros, Simón Bolívar Highway or the main road of Yumbo, among others. In this process, data was generated for further analysis. This tour was conducted by car and allowed us to know the challenges we face with the design and portability in the improvement process of the air quality measurement device.
The operation of the prototype was successful and met expectations. In the coming weeks we will continue with the tests in the city and soon we will publish more information.