Integration of the Mobile Application with OrganiCity

OrganiCity offers a platform that allows experimenters to access guidelines for the development of projects and key concepts to make connections with its framework.
As a first requirement, an account linked to the OrganiCity Experimenter Portal is obtained, in which the CAMoN project is located. Through the Experimenter Portal, you get the authentication credentials to connect to the OrganiCity framework.
In the first instance, the Authentication and Authorization API is executed, which generates a user verification access token, to later access the other APIs.
The first implementation of the connection system was made with the Angular 2 HTTP library. However, during the work with this framework, the development team determined that the Ionic native HTTP connection library had better response time for mobile devices.
To save the environmental data that is collected by means of the mobile application, an HTTPS request is made, which sends in JSON format the data to the asset created in OrganiCity. This asset is only created once manually. Once created, it is updated by means of historical. This process is done through the Asset Federation API, which allows both updates and deletions in the asset. The Datasource API is in charge of extracting the data stored in the asset.