Working Table with the Government – CAMoN Project

In line with giving maximum dissemination to the results of the project, a working group was formed with the Government of Colombia, sector of the department of Valle, entities such as Dagma, Gobernación del Valle, Mayor of Santiago de Cali, Ministry of Health, SETIC , IDATIC and the directors of the Santiago de Cali University. All of them, together with the CAMoN team, were present in the same work space.

At the work table, environmental problems were exposed that can be controlled with the use of the app and the air monitoring device. This allows the linked entities to manage environmental issues in an inclusive way for citizens, promoting participation and creating community.

In the event there was time for gaming and a space was provided for the in-depth interaction with the CAMoN app. Then, there was a brainstorming, which was generated together.