Design and Development of CAMoN Sensor Device (publisher)

In the framework of the CAMoN project, the Cartagena team has been in charge of the integration of commercial hardware components and software implementation in a compact device (prototype), which measuries the levels of pollution in the environment. This device has been named publisher.

To achieve this, the first task was to identify which resources are required by the system. This task is essential for the subsequent selection of the components of the device: battery, GPS receiver, sensors, display screen, etc. Additionally, our group has implemented other components, such as, for example, an on/off switch or a plate that accommodates and facilitates the placement of the sensors.

In the software part, the systems required for the proper functioning of the publisher have been installed, configured and developed: GPS configuration, routing protocol based on DTN (Delay Tolerant Network) technology, data sensor acquisition, etc. These systems provide the device with the ability to not lose packets for long periods of time in which the publisher is outside the coverage (wifi) of the data gateway. Finally, a series of scripts have been implemented in order to automate the main functionalities of the device. The goal is that, from the perspective of the end user, our publisher is a plug&play solution. That is, when the switch is on, it starts reporting the measurements collected by the sensors.