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206, 2018

CAMoN Project and Urb@nEcoLife present in the IoT week 2018

As part of the process of experimentation with OrganiCity of the European Union, CAMoN has been invited by OrganiCity to participate in IoT Week 2018. This event takes place in Bilbao (Spain) from June 4th to 8th. We have a space on the IoT Week stand in Bilbao to present the results of the project.

IoT Week 2018 is an event that addresses the latest trends in the IoT domain and brings together the community that participates in the development of new technologies and Internet of Things solutions.

CAMoN is one of 4 experiments selected among 43 participating teams by OrganiCity.

Among the selected experiments are Tranquil City (London, United Kingdom), Green Roof Monitoring (Oslo, Norway), u-Hopper (Aarhus, Denmark) and CAMoN (Santiago de Cali and Cartagena, Colombia and Spain).

We will be present in two workshops with the OrganiCity team (How We Can Solve Urban Challenges Through City Experimentation: An OrganiCity Workshop in Bilbao […]

705, 2018

Workshop on Co-Creation and Air Quality in Urban Environments

During this week The Team focused part of his energy to the closing event of our project CAMoN “workshop on co-creation on air quality in urban environments” which was Made In Parallel between Cali Colombia and Cartagena Spain the Wednesday April 25th.

The making of of our workshop required the preparation of our team, social network Dynamics and the creation of focal groups, this was a great Ally because we created the CAMoN community During the length of this project. In this place were present the CAMoN community, the universities: Unv. Santiago de Cali and Unv Politécnica de Cartagena in Spain, the participation of government entities and the citizens.

We shared them the experience of being part of the open call of orgánicity of the UE in the program Horizon 2020 with our project CAMoN in the framework of OrganCity also we made the calibration of the air monitoring prototype, the implementation […]

3004, 2018

COMBA I+D leads European Union project on environmental pollution

The communication area of ​​the Santiago de Cali University, I made a press release to the team of CAMoN, where we report the progress of our project, we invite you to know our interview.

More information at: (Santiago de Cali University):

2004, 2018

Co-creative activity with the community in the city of Cali (Colombia)

On April 15th, one of the co-creation activities took place in the Ingenio Park in Santiago de Cali. The workshop met its objectives of linking the community and introducing CAMoN. Among the guests were university students, families and members of the CAMoN community.

Among the activities developed, we installed the app on people’s mobile devices. Moreover, we show the prototype of air quality monitoring device and its operation was explained.

These spaces strengthen citizen participation in the creation of a city, the resolution of problems that afflict the community in general and actions that guarantee a better quality of life for the individual in society. In turn, the activity proposes the management of change through the promotion of new ideas that, together with the development of new technologies and research, improve the environment.

1904, 2018

Working Table with the Government – CAMoN Project

In line with giving maximum dissemination to the results of the project, a working group was formed with the Government of Colombia, sector of the department of Valle, entities such as Dagma, Gobernación del Valle, Mayor of Santiago de Cali, Ministry of Health, SETIC , IDATIC and the directors of the Santiago de Cali University. All of them, together with the CAMoN team, were present in the same work space.

At the work table, environmental problems were exposed that can be controlled with the use of the app and the air monitoring device. This allows the linked entities to manage environmental issues in an inclusive way for citizens, promoting participation and creating community.

In the event there was time for gaming and a space was provided for the in-depth interaction with the CAMoN app. Then, there was a brainstorming, which was generated together. […]

1904, 2018

Co-creation workshop in Cartagena (Spain)

Co-creation activities have been developed in Cartagena (Spain) in spaces adapted by the CAMoN team to link the community. The objective was to show how innovation and software can create tools for solving environmental problems in cities.

The co-creation workshop was aimed at doctors and professors, university students, researchers and students linked to research labs. The workshop focused on explaining in detail the functionalities of the CAMoN project app.


Smart Cities

An intelligent city is one that is concerned with establishing the use of ICT within its processes to enhance development, […]

Creation of CouchDB Databases

The Cartagena team has implemented and configured the required databases to store and process later sensor data of the CAMoN […]

Gateway Implementation

Concerning the design and implementation of the gateway device, there are significant differences with respect to the device which measures […]