Design of the Network Topology of the Air Quality Monitoring Devices

One of the fundamental parts of the CAMoN project is the development of the prototype of air quality monitoring. In general terms, the design of the device comprises two parts: the network topology and the integration of the different sensors.

In this post we talk about the network topology, which is essential to have a flexible and efficient communication system that allows data to reach from the sensors to the OrganiCity servers.

For the network topology, several factors were taken into account, such as not depending on celular networks and ensuring maximum flexibility for the transmission of data. In this regard, to reduce costs, we chose the utilization of IEEE 802.11 network technologies and to deploy a delay tolerant ad-hoc mobile network. In this way, the ability of the nodes to self-organize in the transmission of data to the servers is guaranteed as well as in those moments in which some node can get isolated from the network.