Creation of CouchDB Databases

The Cartagena team has implemented and configured the required databases to store and process later sensor data of the CAMoN project. The two databases created are the following ones:

  1. Sensors. It is in charge of storing data captured by environmental pollution sensors integrated in the publisher in the same format as in OrganiCity. Therefore, it is an OrganiCity backup database.
  2. Users. It stores information related to the registered users.

These databases have been created in CouchDB, which, as in OrganiCity, employs the JSON format to store information. Therefore, for our purposes, the use of JSON for both platforms implies that CouchDB is an efficient and straightforward way of storage. In addition, CouchDB databases increase the data security since the information is only accessible from the localhost, never from external connections, even if it contains the user and password belong to the databases under consideration.