Implementation of CAMoN Functionalities in OrganiCity

As a part of the CAMoN project, the research group lead by Cartagena has designed and implemented the specific software to perform experiments within the OrganiCity technical environment.This implies, among other aspects, the creation of the necessary assets together with the appropriate delivery of environmental parameters to OrganiCity. Note that the structure of the data dispatched to OrganiCity has been already commented in another post about the gateway.

In particular, this information is sent automatically, i. e. without human interaction, from the gateway (also designed and implemented by our group) to the OrganiCity platform. This issue is accomplished if and when the gateway receives data from the publishers in charge of capturing and measuring air pollution. The right operation between the gateway and OrganiCity platform was checked and verified, thanks to several tests carried out at Cartagena using vehicles which include our publishers to transmit later sensor data to the gateway when both are in coverage range. Finally, the collected data were forthwith uploaded to OrganiCity, where they are stored for future analysis and processing.